RIYL: Lowpoint / QOTSA / Kyuss

Label: Copper Feast Records

Aussie sweet, psyched up stoner-fuzz!

Sleeping Giant has breathed fire below the streets of Melbourne for a few years already (formerly known as Lowpoint), and the time has come to erupt their volcanic activities through their self-titled debut album. The guitars in here packs some serious punches, and the groovy bass and pounding drums adds to a killer combo. If you’re into early Queens of The Stone Age or Kyuss, you truly don’t wanna miss this.. Do check it out!

Copper Feast Records (UK/AU) has come up with a couple of de-lish-ious slabs for this one.. The Serpentine variant (Blue w/ Red Splatter) for the UK/EU market, and the “Bloodshot Visions” (Red/Pink w/ Green/Blue Splatter) for AU. There’s a few counterparts available in the respective stores, so if you’re quick you might score both at a reasonable combined shipping fee (these are selling fast, btw..). The UK store also has one or two of the 5 test-pressings left if you’re into that sort. Who am I kidding, this is SlyVinyl, of course you are… Quick now!


The Details

'Serpentine' edition - light blue with red Splatter

'Bloodshot Visions' edition - red/pink merge with green and blue splatters

Expected to ship January 2020

Mock up is an approximation and not guaranteed

Having been around for nearly 6 years now, formerly under the name Lowpoint, 'Sleeping Giant' is an absolutely killer intro to the band and well worth the wait! Some of the most crushing moments in stoner rock this year alongside some gorgeously mellow soundscapes...Melbourne's done it again.

Don't just take my word for it though, here's what JJ over at The Obelisk had to say about the album when it came out digitally back in July:

"Their self-titled and self-released-but-probably-not-for-long debut album is the result of the subsequent half-decade of writing and woodshedding, and comprises a clean eight tracks and 42 minutes of solid-foundation fuzz rock, turning influences from earlier Queens of the Stone Age, Lowrider, Kyuss and more rolling fare into a collection of original songs that bask in their fuzzy familiarity but still feel geared toward their own approach, perhaps because they’ve been so worked on. Even the recording process for Sleeping Giant‘s Sleeping Giant took a year, which sounds excruciating, but the resultant long-player finds guitarist/vocalist Steven Hammer, bassist James Wright and drummer Pali Emond-Glenn sounding well aware of who they are as a band and able to manifest that in their material without losing their first-album edge.

Even without knowing it was so long in coming together, the songs don’t feel off-the-cuff. They feel worked on, thought out, considered, and that’s by no means a detriment to their execution, which remains plenty energetic. That’s an achievement unto itself, but it’s just one of the ways Sleeping Giant ultimately impress throughout, as they move through a tracklisting that’s no less impeccably arranged than the songs themselves in terms of bringing out the different sides of the band’s approach, growing richer as it goes from side A to B in what’s clearly a vinyl-intended progression — the cover by Emond-Glenn would seem geared toward that as well — that nonetheless flows smoothly throughout, making its way toward the three-part finale, “Visions I,” “Visions II” and “Visions III,” which together introduce new elements of atmosphere and aggression to the proceedings, taking the straightforward core of heavy rock from which Sleeping Giant work and using it as a basis for exploring different ideas. However long it took to make it happen, there’s little more one could reasonably ask of a debut album."

Price $25

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