Jurassic Pop, one of our favorite labels here at Sly, seem to have a similar philosophy as us. It’s a simple one— only release fucking good music. Following in the wake of their last release is another Sleeping Bag split consisting of 6 tracks. I wish I could post the whole thing here, but what I can tell you is that is SOLID. I like my power chords thick, crunchy and LOUD and this split does not disappoint. This album instantly threw me back to the days of The Rentals and Pedro the Lion. I’ve been banging my head to this on repeat and the thought of hitting skip hasn’t crossed my mind once.

And wouldja just look at it? Wow.

My fault for the late post— don’t miss this chance to grab this while there’s still some left!
100 on Pink/Blue
Black version available too

The Details

Dreamboats may seem an unlikely name for an album that focuses on the introspective ramblings of men who spend a lot of
time justifying the purchase of expensive samurai swords and eating dog food as a potato chip substitute. But these are the
major conflicts considered by this joint effort between Sleeping Bag and Rozwell Kid. Dreamboats plumbs a serious emotional
depth that belies its outwardly silly surface. The album balances harmonic hooks with depression; anxiety reveling in alt-rock
glory. “Every now and then, I get the urge to decimate something that I tell myself I can’t live without.” Cue guitar solo.

Price $15

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