Shiny Joe Ryan is a key member of Pond, and was also a member of Mink Mussel Creek (which spawned both Tame Impala and Pond). He and Jay Watson (as GUM) have a couple of brilliant new solo-albums out now on Spinning Top Music, with the vinyl coming out late September. Pre-orders are now open, and the initial batch is set to 500 copies only.  Together with the Mink Mussel Creek vinyl-debut, these marks quite the triple-treat for fans of Tame Impala / Pond!


The Details

Shiny Joe Ryan - The Cosmic Microwave Background

01. Always Wanting More
02. Whatever Happened To The Space Race?
03. The Cosmic Microwave Background Pt1
04. The Old Man And The Sea
05. Devonvare $amson
06. Feelings Returning
07. The Cosmic Microwave Background Pt2
08. Hold On For The Ride
09. The God Particle
10. Can We Ever Make It?

Pressing of 500, due to ship on August 29 2014*

A mane of curly locks, a hilarious sense of humour, a lilting Irish brogue, Shiny Joe Ryan is a bit of an enigma.

His musical offerings are as unique as he is – a mix of genres encompassing country, pop and rock, all mangled and mashed into something new, strange and tender. The result, after incubating inside the eccentric mass of hair and ideas that is the noggin of Joe, is The Cosmic Microwave Background.

Sometime during/between Mink Mussel Creek and Pond, Joe wrote and recorded his 10 track debut album alone in his grotty Berlin apartment. Later, he enlisted the help of some friends to fill it out a little, joined by Steve Summerlin, Ben McDonald, Nick Allbrook and Felicity Groom, who lends her vocals to the opening track ‘Always Wanting More’.

Mixed by Joe and mastered by Kevin Parker, The Cosmic Microwave Background is a heart-rending journey of interstellar innocence, staggering like a ketamine invalid and sailing like a rocket.

Price $25

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