I might have an unhealthy infatuation with Zooey, I mean seriously those pipes take me to a happy place every time. New Girl is pretty damn funny as well, but really her voice is the selling point, well that and the fact she’s all kindsa attractive. Ok ok ok, we get it, i know. I mean I could probably go on the same way about M Ward. To have the two of them continuing to make these amazing albums together is really a treat.

I’m excited to see so many original songs making the cut on this album. Only 3 covers, that’s very exciting. I’d also like to give my obligatory shout out to Colorado artist Tom Hagerman of Devotchka for being in on this album. It’s kinda unfair. You start with Zooey & M Ward, and then they bring in an amazing cast of friends to help? Not fair to other bands.

So first 500 get Robin’s Egg Blue Vinyl & check this, free USPS Domestic shipping!!!! If anyone is like me and ordered the Postal Service the other day and was rudely charged $12 by SUBPOP for USPS shipping, this is a crazy nice surprise. I mean hell this limited vinyl is only $7 more than the cardboard box SUBPOP is shipping.

Anyways I’ve said enough, you know you need this in your life. No single out just yet, will try to update this when one drops, though by that time these will all be gone.

The Details

The first 500 LP preorders will receive Volume 3 on limited edition robin's egg blue colored vinyl! Preorders will include a poster and will ship to arrive on our around the release date of May 7.


She & Him, aka Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, will release their third album of original material, entitled Volume 3, on May 7 (May 13 in UK/Europe).

With fourteen songs—11 Deschanel originals and three covers—Volume 3 is an effortlessly effervescent, bleached-out-in-the-sun pop record. The album features some of the most dynamic, complex songs Deschanel has ever written, allowing for tempo shifts, disco grooves, string arrangements on multiple tracks, and horn flourishes that perfectly suit the She & Him sound. Written by Deschanel during downtime while filming New Girl, and produced by M. Ward, Volume 3 features guest contributions from NRBQ’s Joey Spampinato, Mike Watt, Tilly and the Wall, Pierre de Reeder from Rilo Kiley, and Tom Hagerman from Devotchka.

Price $19

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