RIYL: Carter USM

Label: Fire Records

I don’t know why, but Scott & Charlene’s Wedding remind me of an Australian version of the English band Carter USM.  Scott & Charlene’s Wedding is releasing an album called Mid Thirties Single Scene and Carter USM’s 1991 record for Rough Trade was called 30 Something. Coincidence?  I think not.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are one of the craziest bands around the globe. My kids love them. Their sound pushes things forward with childlike melodies and sing-a-long choruses with an almost husky voice. The guitars are dirty and loud and the drums jangle forward in a straight rhythm. The music is not very profound, but you’ll have a lot of fun while listening to this record. This record works best at full volume while dancing like a lunatic and singing at the top of your lungs to the repetitive choruses at home. Well, at least my kids and I do it.


The Details

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Craig Dermody is the voice of a generation, it just so happens to be a generation mired in dead end jobs while smiling into the sunshine as they wonder when someone is going to show up and call the cops on the party again.

Returning to Melbourne following a year of touring, with stints in New York and London and a trip globe-trotting, three years have passed since a new SACW record dropped. Now into his thirties Craig Dermody continues to deal with the banalities of everyday life with his straight talking reflections on home life, keeping up the pace and missed opportunities – all encased with his usual contempt.

Dysfunctional and disenchanted, our care-free but knowing protagonist ain’t growing up and doesn’t give a damn what you think about it – “Don’t Bother Me” is an irresistible pumped up slacker pop anthem, which recalls The Lemonheads at their best. ‘Delivered’ plays out as if Pavement had been bowing at the altar of The Velvet Underground instead of The Fall, all tied together with a Bowery rasp as if Richard Hell had grabbed the microphone.

Discordant guitars and 90s grunge influences on ‘End Of The Story’ evokes the spirit of Nirvana whilst ‘Distracted’ and ‘Hardest Years’ unveils the lower points of travelling and depression with a nod towards 2013’s output ‘Any Port In A Storm’.

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