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The Mylene Sheath is back at it once again with a few more slices of beautiful wax! This time around they’ve got a label debut from none other than San Angelus!!

San Angelus is a trio comprised of drummer Larry Herweg (Pelican, Aeges), singer/guitarist Kim Kinakin (Sparkmarker, Strain) and bassist/vocalist Jahmeel Russell (Black Halos, Red Vienna). With Herweg living in Los Angeles and Kinakin/Russell both residing in Vancouver, uu•Ü•uu came to fruition with distance certainly being an issue. Not to mention, each individuals involvement with other projects! Clearly, these factors haven’t halted their progress!!

Having been released just this morning, these 7″s are selling quickly. I’ll keep this short so you fine readers can further explore the details and snag a copy, if you so desire, before they’re gone!!

Both the splatter and half ‘n half variants are limited to only 100 while the swirl edition is limited to 300.

The new single Vaccuum, as well as San Angelus’ last release, Soon We’ll All Be Ghosts, can be heard just below!

The Details

San Angelus - uu•Ü•uu 7"

***This is a pre-order and will ship in a couple weeks***

"With an impressive roster of veteran musicians, San Angelus has overcome many obstacles to document this sonic endeavor with members living in various locations. Drummer Larry Herweg (Pelican, Aeges) lives in Los Angeles, while singer/guitarist Kim Kinakin (Sparkmarker, Strain) and newest member bassist/vocalist Jahmeel Russell (Black Halos, Red Vienna), live in Vancouver. The new dynamic 3-song San Angelus release (mixed by ISIS drummer Aaron Harris and mastered by Chris Common), picks up where their debut album “Soon We’ll All Be Ghosts” left off and is due out June 3rd, 2014 via The Mylene Sheath. Previous San Angelus members include, Jason Craig (Sparkmarker, Narrows, SS Warhead, Dust Moth) and Mark Holcomb (Undertow, Shift, Aeges, Dust Moth, Heiress)."

Side A
1. Continuum (3:03)
2. Ümlauts (2:58)

Side B
3. Vacuum (4:45)

- Recorded by Kemble Walters
- Mixed by Aaron Harris
- Mastered by Chris Common
- Artwork Direction & Layout by Kim Kinakin

Pressing Info (1st press):
- 100 baby blue w/grey & white splatter
- 100 half grey/half baby blue
- 300 grey/cyan blue swirl

Price $6.99

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