RX Bandits has finally announced that they’ll be getting back together to write their first full-length album since 2009’s Mandala.

Currently, the title of the album has yet to be decided. Although, as of December 2013, the band has stated that the album is already halfway written.

Through PledgeMusic, you can now support this project by purchasing a number of packages. The ‘standard’ vinyl is available in many bundle options but there is only one option to get yourself a signed copy.

Having only been active for about 24 hours, the band has already managed to acquire nearly 60% of the required funding to bring this new album to fruition.

You can catch a 30 second snippet of the forthcoming track Ready Eddie by visiting the link HERE. Below, you’ll find 2009’s Mandala in it’s entirety to hold you over!

Head on over to the Pledge Campaign, via the Buy Now link, to view the band’s trailer, and overall outlook, on the project.

It must be said that 5% of the post-goal funds will be going to Doctors Without Borders!!

The Details

The New Album!
We're making a new album and would like to invite you to be a part of it as we write and record!
Prices include shipping and handling

So we have officially decided to get back together and record a brand new full-length LP. Buying an experience or a package is your way to directly contribute to the creation of this record, as we are releasing it on our own label. Your pledge makes you the most important aspect to the creation of this album next to the band in the studio.

This will be your portal into the whole experience of creating this record. Exclusive video from the studio, unreleased tracks, rough mixes -- you’ll be able to see and hear it all first!

A pledge to the right opens the door to our world.

And not only are we making this record come to life, but a portion of your pledge will go to Doctors Without Borders -- amazing organization providing medical care to people in embattled and war torn areas of the world.

The musical journey begins now!
- Matthew, Steve, Chris, Joe

Price $40

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