RIYL: Chic, Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix, Pond, Gum, Tame Impala (Currents-era), Still Parade

Label: Woah Dad

Some groovy indie/disco/psych-fusion you should definitely lend an ear.

Gothenburg-based Ruby Empress‘ debut single “Deluca” brought feels of a laidback, hot summer when I first tuned in. It had me reminiscence of the glory days of Phoenix and the sounds of fellow Swedes in Still Parade, yet as with many of the Empress’ tunes it whirled me in and revealed a rich and playful texture of sounds. Where there often is a structured disco-vibe (e.g. Strung Out – with it’s Chic-esque bassline) to pull you in, expect to within a few minutes be blown away by waves of synths, massive beats and sonic explorations.  This is just some of what what sets these guys apart from the rest, but definitely noteworthy. Combined with their skill in writing/arranging some drop dead-funky pop-tunes (glazed in delish sonic production-balm), there is some serrrious eargasmic experimentation going on in here.

Be sure to check them out!   Not many EP’s left as I type.

The Details

Limited edition 499 ex.

When Ruby Empress debut single Deluca ended up on SoundCloud a red-hot hype trailed around the European blogosphere. Sparks ignite in their cocktail of psych, disco and soul, and many predict that they can become a blessing for the whole indie genre.
One of the most exciting new bands to come out of Sweden.

1. Danseuses De Delphes
2. Strung Out
3. Lovelight
4. Deluca
5. Escapism De Luxe
6. The Empress

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