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Sonata De Grillo is an electronic-meets-folk journey by the infamous Richard Houghten, of A Cosmic Gift and bloomypetal fame.
As always, Richard has pushed the limits and is releasing 30 copies of liquid filled records that he crafted by his own hands! A true artist!
They will be made available this Sunday (1/6) at 11AM PST at the link below. Don’t miss out, these will go FAST!

Limited Edition of 30 Liquid Filled Vinyl LPs

A word from the artist:

Sonata De Grillo is Spanish for ‘song of the cricket‘, or ‘music of the cricket‘. While I was working on this album every evening a cricket would start their song just as the sun was setting.
A lot of times while recording my guitar I could hear him chirp, I eventually stuck my mic through the window and decided to give him a proper recording. He was fully featured on the title track “Sonata De Grillo“.

The entire album is made up of tracks ranging over three years. I recorded my guitar in tunnels and storm drains, sampled movies, music boxes and vinyl records. I also had the pleasure to record Nicole Calhoun on cello.
This is my first solo release as Richard Houghten on a full length vinyl record.
It was an amazing process cutting the lacquers, getting the plates made and getting to drive directly to the pressing plant.

~ Richard Houghten ~

The Details

Available this Sunday (1/6) at 11AM PST

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