RIYL: Psychic Ills, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Crocodiles

Label: Little Cloud Records

Atlanta psych 5-piece Reverends drifted into our musical landscape in 2016 with a sole 7″ pulsating with Psychocandy fuzz called Dark Demon, then quickly followed up the hype with a full-length the same year. Titled Derealization Blues, it was immediately evident from the first note that these guys weren’t just one-trick ponies.  Cutting their teeth into the gospel comedown of Primal Scream, driving krautrock rhythms, Britpop swagger and all the while maintaining that heaping helping of shoegaze godliness, Reverends became a lot of psych fans’ new favorite group.  Well, friends, they’re back with a long-awaited follow-up titled The Disappearing Dreams of Yesterday.

Never ones to stay comfortable, the band is flirting with new inspirations again.  Sometimes I… combines the forlorn cosmic country stylings of Beachwood Sparks and their forefathers The Flying Burrito Brothers while That Was Hell drifts alongside the ecstacy-fueled Storm in Heaven era of The Verve.  Trust your instincts here, yall.  If you get down on psych sounds old and new, Reverends should fit snugly and comfortable in your collections.

There are 400 copies of the record on randomly-colored vinyl colorways, so check out the 2 available tracks below and grab yourselves some wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Vinyl Color: Eco Random Color
Jacket: Matte Aqueous
Insert: Full Color


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Price $20

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