In the vein of other indie games (bastion, Sword & Sworcery, Scott Pilgrim) comes another video game soundtrack that’s actually worth listening to. This one is strickly 8-bit, so personally I don’t think it’s as exciting as Bastion or Sword & Sworcery. But still some cool tracks here. Sadly we missed out on finding this when the colored vinyls were still available, but still some of the limited black copies up.


Limited Edition Vinyl – hand-numbered 500 copies – *** Black on SALE – 25% OFF ***
23 high-quality NES-style chiptunes on a 33 1/3 180 gram audiophile 12″ vinyl. Includes download with 33 songs(!) as part of purchase.
ORDER NOW and grab one of the 300 black (sorry but the green and blue coloured vinyls are sold out online). Also includes a poster of the cover album art by Maxime Trépanier!

Price – $33

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