RIYL: OK Go, Hot Hot Heat, Minivan Punk

Label: Soul Step Records

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is some good ol’ tried-and-true power pop.  We’re talking about velvety ice cream riffs that melt in your mouth, citrusy singalong choruses and pelvic-thrusting back beats that put feet on dance floors, smiles on faces and babies in uteruses.  Nashville rockers Republican Hair don’t have a mission statement…they just want you over for the party.  Stay as long as ya like and bring some cold ones.

Check out the A-side below and listen to the other 3 tracks after the ‘buy’ link.  Most of the red, white and blue split 7″s have gone to Soul Step Records’ subscribers, so I wouldn’t dilly dally on this if you want one.  They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

The Details

"American Neapolitan Vinyl"
Limited Pressing of 100! Pressed in good ol' RED WHITE AND BLUE Vinyl!

Price $8

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