RIYL: Radio Birdman, The Misfits, The Saints, Turbonegro

Label: Solid Sex Lovie Doll

Detroit Rock City?  It’s still there.  Like a cherry bomb in the bathroom stall, all it takes is a small little spark to do some damage.  Loose cannon towns like these deserve proper bad asses to lead the blitzkrieg bop, and Radio Burns have your scent in their snouts.  Packed with ex-members of every loudmouth entourage from Bantam Rooster to Suicide Machines, don’t bother cleaning the wax out of yer ears today…let Radio Burns do that for ya.

Similar to the classic debut from Radio Birdman, our finest Stooge descendants from down under, I’d stash this 7″ in the rock area of my record shelf instead of the punk section.  While Radio Burns are throwing down some screeching punk attitude here, their approach is straight-up classic rock and roll.  Take away the feedback and the pounding drums and these melodies are as bubble gum as The Ramones’ Sheena Is a Punk Rocker.  It’s loud and it’s fun.  What’s not to love?

As is custom for Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, you have two cover art choices, and you have the option of black or randomly-colored wax, both limited to 200 each.  My favorite cover is the ‘Iggy Pop hanging out with a couple of aliens while on PCP’, but hey…that’s just me.  And if you haven’t checked out Choke Chains’ newest 7″ on SSLDR, get that one HERE and save a little on shipping.

The Details

Limited to 400.

Two artworks by Telonius Bone (top) and Mac Blackout (bottom), black and colored vinyl.

Colored vinyl is mixed colors.

Telonius Bone's artwork comes with insert.

Price $5.6

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