Biff.  Bang.  POW!  Castle Face Records has appeared again…like a phoenix out of Monday morning’s ashes.  POW! sounds like their aptly chosen band name.  Pulsating electronic buzz meets garage rock assaults.  Think Devo with the danger of Suicide and the acid high of Thee Oh Sees.  First single Here Comes the Spade is the distant cousin of Suicide’s Ghost Rider, choogling along the neon pavement like the Grim Reaper with a sheath made up of Korgs and Casios.

Fence-sitters end up being disappointed more often than not with Castle Face’s limited product.  Before I even got to the write-up, their other record they announced today sold out.  Check out the first track below and get to the preorder page before you’re crying into your ham sandwich.

The Details

Gold Lace Edition Vinyl is limited to 500 pieces, is only available here and from the band, and features black printed gold foil jackets and gold printing throughout. Limited to 2 per customer. 

Price $18

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