RIYL: Pond, Twin Peaks, Temples

Label: Polyvinyl Records

These guys are relatively new to the music scene, putting out their first EP in 2016 and now their debut LP in April. The music is filled with a mix of psychedelic tendencies with catchy pop hooks and some noticeable guitar work. Their first release is limited to 500 so if you are interested, snag it before its too late.

Here is a nice little write-up from Josh Terry at Polyvinyl:

The Chicagoans’ debut full-length When I Think Of You In A Castle, out 4/20 via Polyvinyl, is the product of six friends creating music they love, even if the circumstances weren’t always in their favor. “Before this album, we weren’t sure what the future of the band was going to look like. I was considering moving to Los Angeles and Joe [Keery] was off filming Stranger Things. We didn’t know where we were all going but we knew we wanted to make an album with all of us in the same room,” explains Toledo. Being the first time all Post Animal members recorded together, the album’s collaborative spirit is more-than-evident throughout its 10 carefully curated tracks. Even Keery, who’s no longer an active touring member of the band due to his skyrocketing acting career, was integral to the album’s inception.

But most importantly, When I Think Of You In A Castle is a testament to not only the brotherly connection that these friends share, but also to the power of collaboration between like-minded musicians who just get one another. “Before we recorded it, it was an uncertain time for us as a band, but we all just had a magical time at this lake house in the middle of summer,” explains Toledo. Almost impossible to describe, the Post Animal bond is best observed while foolin’ at the merch table after a sweaty show. They look forward to seeing you there and, naturally, becoming your new best friends.

The Details

Early Bird LP + Digital 180-Gram Magenta/Pink Starburst

Limited to 500. First Pressing. Mailorder Exclusive.

Release Date: Apr 20, 2018

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Price $19

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