RIYL: Pond, Twin Peaks, Temples

Label: Polyvinyl Records

Post Animal is back with their sophomore release, Forward Motion Godyssey. After some success from their first release, and decent reviews, the band is looking to expand on their original sound and flex their growth since their last album. The music from the singles are more catchy and layered than ever, and the two singles, Fitness & Schedule are quite different from each other, leading me to think that this will be an exciting experience. Here is a little write up from polyvinyl. Cheers and snag it if you dig it!

…With its maximalist arrangements and larger-than-life scale, Forward Motion Godyssey came to life in a fittingly majestic location: a mountain-adjacent home in Big Sky, Montana, lent to the band by a friend of Reyes. Holing up in the house for eight days—after spending 36 hours stranded in Fargo due to a devastating snowstorm—Post Animal took full advantage of the splendor of their environment. “We recorded one of the songs around sunset, and set up everything so we could look out over the mountains as this crazy pink sun-glow fell over them,” Hirshland recalls. “The whole place was just a really inspiring space to play around in.”

Throughout the recording of Forward Motion Godyssey, Allison joined forces with longtime Post Animal collaborator Adam Thein to handle production duties, shaping a sonic landscape that’s unpredictable but never wayward. “Making this record, we wanted to go extreme in a lot of different directions—we wanted to be as poppy as we’ve ever been, as over-the-top as we’ve ever been, as grandiose and heavy and dramatic as we’ve ever been,” Toledo notes. …

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Limited to 600.
First Pressing.
Polyvinyl Exclusive.

Release: Feb. 14th

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Price $20

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