There are good examples of pre-order limited editions and – YES – there are ridiculous ones.

And here we are: This is one of them.

Portugal The Man gave us in the past by every vinyl release something special, especially the 2009 release The Satanic Satanist which came in an amazing die-cut sleeve and  (partly) colored wax. And I do like their music.

Now you can pre-order their so called de luxe pack for “just” $190 including things you might be not even buying in a goddamned  “1 Euro shop” (the author is now overacting a bit – for details see below).

I just like to announce this offer to question limited editions in somehow and to open perhaps a small discussion about “what’s worth” and “what’s not worth”. What kind of lim. editions are interesting?

Personally I do like mostly something really special by this (more expensive) edition, which not necessarily includes just a colored vinyl. I appreciate an individual numbered edition (shown on the sleeve); a special cover in somehow is great; an additional bonus record is even better; prints are fine, but sometimes not worth to buy an item just because of these extras. The king of a limited edition is for me an extraordinary audiophile recording which is different to the normal vinyl edition. Because this is the main reason why i am since decades a record collector: listen to the better sound.

But where i should storage this so called “Original 12X12 Woodsnap print“?  Perhaps I could use it as a cutting board………… .

Besides all this: Their latest single isn’t that bad at all.


The Details

Original 12"X12" Woodsnap print with art by The Fantastic The. 12 editions, 20 copies of each edition, chosen at random, and signed and numbered X/20
Evil Friends Vinyl LP (with CD inside packaging)
"Evil Friends" T-Shirt (bundle exclusive)
Limited edition Billykirk 'EVIL' Trucker Key Fob
Immediate MP3 download of "Evil Friends"
Immediate MP3 download of "Purple Yellow Red And Blue"

*1 out of 20 will receive a handwritten, signed lyric sheet, chosen at random

Release Date: June 4, 2013

Price $190

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