RIYL: Tame Impala, Gum, Mink Mussel Creek, The Flaming Lips

Label: Marathon Artists / Rough Trade

Can you even call Pond a side project at this point?  Perhaps the best thing about Tame Impala is that, in their down time, they splinter off into the wide blue yonder and create their own individual masterpieces.  From Jay Watson’s psych funk Gum project, Cameron Avery’s brooding ballads, and the immense experimental psych jams from Pond, there’s really no need to pine for another Impala rekkid when you’ve got a continuous stream of great music coming out of their think tank.

Nick Allbrook’s Pond, who predates Tame Impala by a few years, is greeting 2017 with The Weather, their 7th full-length since their genesis in 2008.  Similar to Tame Impala’s veering path with Currents and weirdo godfathers The Flaming Lips’ transition into The Soft Bulletin, Pond are putting their guitars down and reaching for the synths.  With Kevin Parker at the helm in the studio, however, their electronic impulses are taking them to new and interesting psychedelic heights.  Singles 30000 Megatons and Sweep Me Off My Feet embrace both pop and avant garde, a daring Bowie-esque move that’s opened their doors for experimentation wide open.  Can’t f-ing wait to hear the rest.

Rough Trade has a limited ‘white with blue specs’ variant across the ocean, so if you dig that kind of thing, head on over and grab one.

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Heavyweight White with Blue Specs Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve with Download.

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Price $25

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