Polyvinyl Record Co. has an onslaught of great music. I’ve personally bought many of their releases and we’ve definitely posted about as many as we can! For only $10 you are going to get six 7″s!! Guaranteed to be six different bands and NO duplicates, this is a solid deal and a perfect introduction to a label filled with great musicians!!

The details down below will spell out the mystery!

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(The video down below is NOT a representation of what you will receive by purchasing this. It’s simply a collection of videos from the many bands on the label. A sort of idea as to what you might receive.)

The Details

From Encyclopedia Brown to the currently unsolved case of who keeps leaving their dirty dishes in the office sink, nobody loves a good mystery more than us.

And that's why -- for one week only -- we're offering the Polyvinyl Mystery 7" bundle! For just $10, we'll pick out a random assortment of six 7"s from throughout our entire catalog of releases and ship it to your door.

To ensure that we can send these out in a timely manner, we aren't able to take any requests, but we promise not to send you any duplicates!

You are also guaranteed to get records from six different bands. Unless you order two bundles. In that case you might get two from the same band, but such is life.

Hurry -- this great deal will only be available for one week (until 4/18), but may end sooner if stock runs low!

Please note: there is a limit of 2 bundles per customer.
Release Date: Apr 11, 2013

Price $10

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