Take some party-ready power pop, add a few packs of Camel Wides and a liter of Jim Beam, toss in some slip ‘n slides and astro glide and turn it all up to 11.  Voila, mon frere, The Milwaukee-bred Platinum Boys are on the bill and the tatted-up minxes from down the street are on their way over.

Pelvic-thrusting riffage and feel-good vibes are on the menu.  The Platinum Boys aren’t here to reinvent any genres.  They’re here to remind you why rock and roll keeps on keepin’ on.  The amps are cranked and the vocals are cracked.  They’ve even thrown in a coked-up cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Born on the Bayou on Side B.  Play that shit and become a believer.

The evercool French DIY label Six Tonnes De Chair Records has produced 300 of these total, and the glow-in-the-darks, limited to only 50, are the rarest of the variants.  There are 100 pressed on clear vinyl and another 150 on boisterously beautiful black wax.  Choose or lose, partner.  Now’s the time.

The Details

For this 300 copies release you'll have the choice between 3 variants :
50 Glow In The Dark
100 Clear
150 Black

Price $6.88

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