Take some party-ready power pop, add a few packs of Camel Wides and a liter of Jim Beam, toss in¬†some slip ‘n slides and astro glide and turn it all up to 11. ¬†Voila, mon frere, The Milwaukee-bred Platinum Boys are on the bill and the tatted-up minxes from down the street¬†are on their way over.

Pelvic-thrusting riffage and feel-good vibes are on the menu. ¬†The Platinum Boys aren’t here to reinvent any genres. ¬†They’re here to remind you why rock and roll keeps on keepin’ on. ¬†The amps are cranked and the vocals are cracked. ¬†They’ve even thrown in a coked-up cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Born on the Bayou on Side B. ¬†Play that shit and become a believer.

The evercool French DIY label Six Tonnes De Chair Records has produced 300 of these total, and the glow-in-the-darks, limited to only 50, are the rarest of the variants. ¬†There are 100 pressed on clear vinyl and another 150 on boisterously beautiful black wax. ¬†Choose or lose, partner. ¬†Now’s the time.

The Details

For this 300 copies release you'll have the choice between 3 variants :
50 Glow In The Dark
100 Clear
150 Black

Price $6.88

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