Available for the first time, Fewer Moving Parts was Bazan’s first album after officially disbanding Pedro the Lion, and it’s nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately it’s not in the Spotify catalogue, but take my word, you need it.

As a die hard Pedro the Lion/Bazan fan, the news of the reissues of the first 5 official albums is bittersweet. I spent several years scouring the earth to vinylly (a word I made up meaning to finally get it on vinyl) get the entire catalogue, and it wasn’t cheap either. The time, cost and effort into acquiring all of them (plus all the rare 7″s) has made it one of my most complete and cherished collections. The collector in me is a little bummed, but I’m happy that these are attainable again and hopefully more Bazan fans will be born from it.

You can get all 5 reissues, Fewer Moving Parts and a limited edition signed poster and limited slipmat either separately or as a bundle. Do it.



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