Pretty cool album I just stumbled across here from the indie rock cafe new releases list. I don’t really know a whole lot about them except the first single is solid. Here’s what their site has to tell me. Go take a listen. Anyone know more and want to enlighten me? Comment.


LP pressing (1): white vinyl, MP3 download coupon, limited to 500 copies + black vinyl, MP3 download coupon, limited to 500 copies.

Peace recorded its sophomore LP in Pamela Anderson’s hometown, a fogged-in hamlet named Ladysmith on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The World is Too Much With Us builds on the depth and drama latent in Peace’s sound. Connor’s bass-lines menace and hypnotize. Mike’s guitar solos explode suddenly in wah-pedal freak-outs. Geoff’s tom-toms thud with a tribal intensity. And Dan’s lyrics, for which he’s been referred to as Vancouver’s “post-punk poet laureate”, alternate between images of defiant despair and love-sick yearning.

Price – $14

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