Favourite freakbeat-Brit Paul Orwell drops this succulent slab via Heavy Soul Records just in time for Halloween!

The single features an extended cut of his debut-album’s last track “Fangz”, backed by the previously unreleased “Hyp-no-tize”.

If you still haven’t tuned into this fella, be sure to do so asap.   His previous 7’s are selling for ridiculous amounts of money, and over half of the new single sold out within hours already!

Oh, and jump on that 2nd pressing of the album on Purple Vinyl as well while you still have the chance, it’s bloody magnificent..

Stick your teeth into the brand new video for Fangz underneath, it’s a killer!



The Details

The epic last track from the "Blowing Your Mind Away" LP has been extended and unleashed in its near six minute entirety.

Feel that hammond fizz your eardrums as the guitar, vocals and effects take you to another freakbeat dimension where Jimmy Page, Graham Bond, Keith Moond and John Lennon are jamming and playing THIS!!!!.....

With the new track Hyp No Tize on the flip this is the third and last single from the album.

Released in two different variants; red splatters on white vinyl and black splatters on red vinyl - 500 of each.

Price $10

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