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First of all, read fast! These are going faster!

This is something else I tell ya..  Take everything that’s cool about 60’s sounds, add an extra spoonful of UK, and you’ve got Paul Orwell.  Man, I’m telling you; this guy’s got it right, allright! Think mid to late 60’s Phil Spector, The Pretty Things, The Who and all those that pushed the boundaries of rock’n roll back then, blend in some elements of soul and classic R’n B and we’re closing in on what he’s up to. I won’t even start on the production.. Bloody magnificent!

Paul’s got two 7″ out prior to the album, and they’re selling at ri-di-cu-lo-us prices already!  If you’re loaded, CLICK HERE, and buy me a copy of his first one, will ya? I’ll send you some brunost, promise!

500 copies only on thick 180g wax with laminated sleeve and no digital download. That’s right. No digital. It’s the 60’s man, what did you expect?  Come on!


I know most of you guys are in the US, but don’t let the price stop you. Buy now, or miss out. It’s not at all expensive by European standards, but it will be tomorrow.

Won’t take up too much of your time, as your probably only chance of owning this album is thinning with every letter I type (and you read). Pre-orders went up earlier today, and there was less than 150 copies left about 4 hours ago..  Nuff said, now go get it!

PaulOrwell PreOrder2

BTW!  Check the awesome FREE EP he dropped via soundcloud a few months back!


The Details


180gram heavyweight vinyl, laminated sleeve and limited to 500 vinyl copies only.

Paul Orwell is a singer / songwriter from London who possesses a unique talent in his ability to create the music, attitude and ambience of the mid 1960’s beat period with an assuring knowledge of his place in today’s society. With an extensive record collection encompassing Soul, Freakbeat, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Folk and late ‘60s Rock he has taken elements of all these fantastic genre’s and come up with an album filled with moments of genius incorporating the talents of Phil Spector, The Pretty Things, The Beatles, The Who and all those other influential bands

First two singles sold out on pre-order alone (Tell Me Tell Me in 8 days, You’re Nothing Special in 22 hours!) – both limited to 250 7” vinyl’s.

Tell Me Tell Me recently sold for £50, You’re Nothing Special £30, both on eBay


A1. Like I Did Before A2. Tell Me Tell Me A3. Go Tell Your Mother A4. You’re Nothing Special A5. The Right Location A6. A.B.C. Blues A7. Payback

B1. Little Reason B2. Here And Now B3. Take It Or Leave It B4. Blowing Your Mind Away B5. Hide And Seek B6. Bad Blood B7 Fangz

Price $26

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