Only pressing of 250; 40 w/ a Cloud Sleeve and 210 w/ a Regular Plastic Sleeve

This is the first release in Notes &Bolts ongoing flexi series. Available here is the lead track off of Panda Riot’s new album “Northern Automatic Music.” This one is a beauty, in every single way. Snag it while you can!!

The Details

N+B 011

Only pressing: /210 Regular sleeve
/40 w/ cloud sleeve

The first in an ongoing series of flexi discs from yr friends, here, at N+B. "Amanda In The Clouds" is the lead off track from Panda Riot's new album "Northern Automatic Music" and it's a floater full of shimmering melodies and washed out bliss. 40 copies come packaged in a special 'cloud' sleeve that's soft to the touch and a sight on the shelf.

If you live in Chicago and would like to pick this item up directly from us, please email us and we will refund the shipping.

Price $5

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