I’ve listened to the available track, Blue Baby, a few times now and each time I can’t help but think about the Foo Fighters’ song Everlong. I’m not quite sure which elements of this track bring me back to that recollection so often but it’s certainly something I can’t seem to set aside. To have ovlov pulling me in that direction of memory speaks volumes! How about you??

Apart from that tangent of a thought, this song is definitely pulling me in with expectation as to what the rest of this record is going to be like! I am on-board with ovlov, these dudes have something great going on here…

From a total pressing of 500, you can choose between either Swamp Green or Piss Yellow as there are 250 of each available.

Give it a listen down below and snag a copy if you so desire (it’s only $10!!)!!

The Details

am 12" vinyl
Limited edition 12" pressed on piss yellow and swamp green vinyl.

Pre-order includes immediate download of 1 track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.
Pre-order Now $10 USD or more
shipping out on or around 02 July 2013

Price $10

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