Picture The Black Keys trying their hand as snake charmers in Bangladesh and it’d probably sound something like Ouzo Bazooka.  The Tel Aviv rockers blend their own Mediterranean spice into psych rock’s gurgling cauldron, mixing hypnotic tribal gyrations a la GOAT and King Gizzard and adding some classic, tried-and-true riff-heavy rock ‘n roll meat and potatoes.

Slice of Wax Records are giving Ouzo Bazooka the gourmet vinyl treatment, and are giving you 3 variants to choose from.  The rarest one, limited to 100, is pictured above.  It’s hand-numbered, screen-printed and pressed with love and tenderness.  And look at that delicious pink wax, yall.  I wanna eat dat.

For the die-hards, there’s a bundle of all 3 variants of the 7″ that can be purchased HERE.

The Details

The screenprinted edition is limited to 100 copies and features:

- White & pink mixed colored vinyl record
- Hand-numbered screenprinted folder cover
- Screenprinted labels and inner sleeves
- The covers labels and inner sleeves are screenprinted in shades of pink. Each piece of wax is a unique combination of vinyl, cover and labels/inner sleeves colors.

Price $11.89

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