Noveller has a new record already. Great to see here join the Fire Records rooster. After the beautiful “No Dreams” on Taiga from last year, Fantastic Planet is quite a progress to her more electronic guitar like pervious releases. She works with a lot more electronic synth ambiances this time; the result is quite different. It reminds me of Mark McGuire, or the more guitar-based Emeralds releases, and even some synth driven post-rock. The record especially works in its entirety. The songs are built with several layers that pile up the quiet atmospheres to a quite loud whole, before it turns back to a more minimal space sound.

“Austin-based composer Sarah Lipstate delivers sublime music that radiates out of her electric guitar and fills the space with drips and echoes. Lipstate’s endless sustains, showered with splashes of reverb, sit beside red-blooded synths. Her music leads off into the veiled mystery of the unknown, but we’re held tight at all times, safely tethered by the rhythm. Subtle, newly-formed rhythms emerge from the controlled drones. Rhythm is everywhere, and not just in the obvious drum beat. Her melodies have their own rhythms. For instance, the opening harmonics space themselves out evenly like metronomic beats; rhythms are scattered throughout her music, throughout this planet.”
Fluid Audio

The Details

Fantastic Planet is the soaring, evocative new album from Noveller, the solo instrumental venture of Austin-based composer and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. The LP is a journey through eclectic sonic terrain, blending rich waves of synth with soaring cinematic guitar lines, guiding the listener through Noveller's most diverse and compelling release to date.

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