Better act fast on this one fellas. The record label/record store Origami Vinyl tweeted this last week

“We only have 15 copies of the NO EP “Don’t Worry You’ll Be Here Forever” 12″ left! If you want a copy of the 1st pressing you better get one now! Either come in the shop or buy online”

Yeah so go get one. If you haven’t heard of this band, you will. They are really amazing and are destined to blow up soon. Just listen below and i’m sure you’ll be in line for these last few slices of wax in no time.

From the band

We are so happy to bring you “Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever” on vinyl!! 

The 12″ EP is now out on Origami Vinyl, you can buy it online from the Origami shop. Alternately, If you are in Los Angeles, just drop by Origami Vinyl to save on shipping…and get a sweet high five! 

We only made 500 copies and they are sure to go pretty fast.

Price – $10

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