Im not going to lie, I didn’t know this band until this morning, but damn this is some powerful music. Maybe it’s just because I’m soo burnt out on Florence & the Machine, but I originally want to push this aside. Though once I found myself on the third play through of “tomorrow” I had to concede, this is pretty awesome.

So then we come to the vinyl. If you don’t know about “Loser Editions” from Subpop records, then you really have some learning to do. They really are about the coolest thing going right now. It’s just tough cause they are sooo limited and sell out so fast. But you’re in luck, we caught this one early. Go get your Crystal Clear vinyl. Yeah that is going to be amazing.

From Subpop:

If you pre-order Instinct by August 7th, you’ll receive a limited Niki & The Dove tote bag! Also, if you pre-order Instinct on vinyl LP, you’ll receive the limited, Loser Edition version—a colored-vinyl copy of the record, in this case, it’s on crystal-clear colored-vinyl. Sure, clear-colored is kind of an oxymoron, but it’s really cool and limited nonetheless. Both of these things, as we’ve mentioned, ad nauseum, are limited, so first come, first serve—order soon!

Price – $19


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