I guess it was a pink kindof morning. Sea Change on pink wax segue to pink moon box set, well played world. Another¬†classically¬†great album, another one that is always stupid expensive, again, not changing with this release. I feel like i’ve already said all this. Anyways, Pink Mook has stood the test of time. Such a great album, I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee and playing it through and it just really never gets old. I get to the end and always feel like just starting it over. This edition gets you the remastered at Abbey Road version with included history, read below.

The Details

Now, to mark the album’s 40th anniversary, Universal Music re-presents the album in an exactly-replicated vinyl pressing, remastered by the original co-producer and engineer: John Wood at Abbey Road Studios. The album is pressed on heavyweight vinyl with the original gatefold sleeve, inner sleeve, paper labels, the promotional shop poster and a fascimile of Nick’s handwritten lyrics to four of the songs, all housed in a box showing the original master tape box from which the vinyl was mastered.

Price – $60

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