Made to order box set is pretty sweet. Nick Cave knows how to do it right. I love this video as well. You know that bunch of guys can hold their booze. You’re gonna have to be a big fan for this one though, that’s some coin.

The Details

Made to order super deluxe box set. Contents encased in linen bound lift-off lid box as shown.

Ever wanted to know how a song comes about? The very special notebook in this bespoke box set is an anatomy of the album, song by song. The multitude of written notes are painstakingly reproduced, a detailed dissection of each song, an autopsy with a runaway scalpel; dozens of unused verses, alternate song titles, rants and screeds, embarrassing digressions, photographs, drawings and scribbles that in a sane world should never see the light of day. Here Nick gives the listener an unprecedented insight into the mania of the songwriting process.


  • CD Album and vinyl album [180gm Heavyweight Vinyl]
  • DVD with specially created visuals by artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
  • 2 x exclusive 7″ vinyls containing non album bonus tracks
  • Exclusive 120-page replica of Nick Cave’s handwritten, hand stamped and hand glued notebooks
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Nick Cave (original signature limited to first 300 orders)
  • Exclusive liner notes

Digital download of track We No Who U R, delivered to your ‘My Account’ area on 3 December 2012.

Digital album delivered by e-mail 18 February 2013.
The box set will be delivered April 2013.

Thanks to retter for the tip!

Price – $145

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