RIYL: A Place to Bury Strangers, The KVB, Black Market Karma

Label: Little Cloud Records

They’re back. Venice dark psych 4-piece New Candys are following up their celebrated 2017 LP Bleeding Magenta with 10 new tracks of menacingly cool shoegaze. Titled Vyvyd, their fourth full-length is a concept album about the contradiction of light within a spiritual realm. God vs lucifer, good vs evil, Kenneth Anger, Alejandro Jodorosky. In other words, the boys have been doing a little light reading.

Few bands within the shoegaze genre can shapeshift their sound as seamlessly as New Candys. From the shadowy surf grooves off 2015’s New Candys As Medicine to the swirling sludge from Bleeding Magenta, this band can seamlessly meld shimmering euphonic harmonies with cacophonous noise elements into a multi-layered aural delicacy. First single Twin Mime is one of the strongest songs they’ve ever written. The chorus is straight dopamine, a warm rush of smack into your blood stream. Put the headphones on and give it a hit.

Little Cloud Records has two colorways, a clear and yellow splatter and a solid opaque yellow variant. The splatters are limited to only 100 copies and are going fast. Check out the music video for Twin Mime below and grab a copy of the wax after the ‘buy’ link. Don’t wait around too long though.

The Details

The ‘North American Edition’ is limited to 400 copies and comes on solid yellow vinyl, standard jacket and printed inner sleeve. The ‘Little Cloud Splatter’ is limited to 100 copies and comes on clear/yellow splatter vinyl, standard jacket and printed inner sleeve.

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Price $26

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