Like a hot steak and a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and gravy, Natural Child is best served with friends and cold beers.  One of Nashville’s finest, Natural Child have been serving the cause since 2009, earning their place as top-tier bongwater boogie with a Southern flavor.  Rhodes organs, pedal steels and scuzzy guitar riffs await you.

Their set at this year’s Freakin’ Weekend was nothing short of a sweaty stompin’ seance.  The ghost of Gram Parsons hovered through the crowd as Natural Child conjured up the haze of early 70s Rolling Stones and tipsy, slightly-stoned Skynyrd.  It’s way too much fun to prevent a hangover, yall, so slam another brew and grab a cassette while ya can.  You can sleep when you’re dead.

If you’re visiting your record stores for Cassette Day, the following places will be carrying the cassette:
Graveface Records in Savannah, GA
Fond Object in Nashville, TN
Music Millennium in Portland, OR
Analog Revolution in Kennesaw, GA
Nice Price Books in Raleigh, NC
Landlocked Music in Bloomington IN

If your store wasn’t in that list, fret NOT.  Shed House Records has you covered after the ‘buy’ link.  And might I add…$6 is a steal.

The Details

On green cassette.
Only 300 copies made for cassette store day 2015

Price $6

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