Despite the massive all-access music pass that the internet has bestowed upon us, Light in the Attic Records still manage to surprise us with remarkable stories and forgotten artists and albums.  They are effectively recreating the experience that was lost in this digital age of convenience…that experience of sifting through a bin of records you’ve never seen or heard, paying $5 for a stack of 20, and heading home to your turntable in hopes of finding one gem in the bunch.  The only difference that LITA offers is the certainty that when you take that stack home, you’re going to love every single one.

Volume 1 in their series of Native American folk and rock music is a sprawling collection of obscure Canadian and American Native artists.  LITA describes it as a ‘largely unheard, criminally undocumented’ collection, and they couldn’t be more right.  Who’s heard of the 60s garage band Sugluk?  Or Willie Thrasher?  The Chieftones?  The collection is 34 tracks deep, and I don’t know a single artist or song…and they’re all GREAT.  How beautiful is that?

Check out the teaser video for the set below and hear samples of each track after the buy link.

The Details

34 tracks newly re-mastered
Deluxe 3xLP set includes 60 page book with comprehensive liner notes, artist interviews, unseen archival photos, and lyrics (with translations), housed in a “Tip-On” slip case with three “Tip-On” jackets
Liner notes by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes
Color vinyl editions:
- 200 on “Burnt Orange” wax (LITA Vinyl Subscriber Edition) + “Sweetgrass” LITA logo tote bag and sticker
- 200 on “Tan” wax ( Pre-order Edition – limit 2 per customer) + “Sweetgrass” LITA logo tote bag and sticker
- 100 on “Gold” wax (LITA Shop Edition – limit 2 per customer)

Price $35

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