YAY! I know many have been waiting for this album for a long ass time. Time to show these newage shoegazers how the pros do it. Can’t wait to spin this one. They call this album “limited” but no one really knows what that means. The site got hammered with traffic yesterday and was down all day, it’s back up now. Probably should nab one of these soon if you want one.

The Details

180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
This vinyl album has been recorded as an analogue album. It was recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved.

The vinyl is a true analogue cut, i.e. it hasn't been put through a digital process during the cutting process unlike over 90% of all vinyl available today.

Your choice:

16bit 44.1 K WAV - This is CD quality with no digital compression. i.e. it's exactly like a CD. This format may not be compatible with some devices.
320kbps MP3 - This format is compatible with most devices.
24bit 96 K WAV - This format may not be compatible with some devices.

NB: Due to the manufacturing process the CD and vinyl will ship on 22nd February. Please allow 14-28 days from this date to receive your order. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding your shipment then first please login and check the shipping status in Your Account, otherwise contact mailorders@mybloodyvalentine.org

In order to purchase this product, first please select the quantity you require and then please select the digital format you require. Then, click the ‘Add to Basket’ button at the bottom of the page. Your items will be added to your basket, and you can proceed to checkout in the usual manner.

Please note: WAVs are a lot bigger than mp3s and may take considerably longer to download. We highly recommend you connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable to reduce your chance of experiencing any connectivity issues during the download.

The vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork that will be attached to your download.

Price $31

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