Damn this album takes me back. Such an awesome album in so many ways. I definitely remember this being the soundtrack to more than a few mosh pits. God I miss a good mosh pit sometimes.

I mean only 100 of these marbles, and they are b-e-a-utiful, pretty much a no-brainer. Thank you Tooth & Nail.

The Details

Limited to 100 Red, Light Blue & White Marble Vinyl!

To celebrate MxPx’s momentous twentieth year as a band, Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce its first ever VINYL release of the band’s landmark 1994 debut album “Pokinatcha.” Tooth & Nail wanted to give back to the true diehard fans who have been a part of MxPx’s incredible history since the start. Mixed originally by Aaron Sprinkle, the raw, youthful energy heard in “Pokinatcha” captured a sound not heard from any MxPx album that came after and was also the only full length to feature guitarist Andy Husted. Featuring the fan favorites “Want Ad” and “PxPx.” Sit back, and wax nostalgic with this super-limited double LP vinyl release!

Price – $20

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