Muse.  Their energy is equal to an army of rabid wolverines fighting over a supernova in the front car of a speeding bullet train. They’re bigger than all of the skyscrapers on this planet (and all others) stacked end on end. Their creativity is only bound by notes that haven’t been discovered yet. And they have a new album coming out.

Word on the street is the album is going to be “something radically different” and with the teaser/full-length that was posted up on YouTube recently, that may include some clicks, whistles, and a little wub-wub. Also, listening to the new single Survival leads me to believe that what they’ve learned symphonically over the years is fused in more than just featured.

Fans (such as myself) have been very curious to see where they are heading. Especially since The Resistance was a bigger departure from the raw sound of their first three albums (with Black Holes and Revelations being the transition into The Resistance). I love Muse with every fiber of my being. They have been one of my favorite bands since middle school and it’s been really cool to see their progression over the years. And it will be very intesting to hear what this new album holds in its entirety. For me, I am excited for Muse to be treading new territory and not becoming stale, as long as they keep their core concept: raw uncontrollable energy.

Ok, I’ll shut up. On to the pre order! (and boy does it look sweet)

What’s in the Box Set:

  • A liquid crystal, thermal reactive lid. (do what now?)
  • Box set exclusive artwork across the album formats.
  • The 2nd Law on CD plus the DVD Making Of housed in a special 7″ sized bookpack featuring box set exclusive artwork.
  • The 2nd Law on 2 x heavyweight vinyls featuring box set exclusive artwork.
  • 3 x art prints featuring the album cover, band photography and box set exclusive artwork.

Price – 60 Pounds (Roughly $94)

** In addition and exclusive to people buying through (and the US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese stores) all purchasers will receive The 2nd Law HD audio format (FLAC 24bit 96khz) on day of release. This additional HD audio format is ONLY available to people purchasing the Box Set via

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