RIYL: Good time Rock'n Roll

Label: Super Fan 99

Another ultra-limited Super Fan 99 release!

Murph & The Gazorpos is the latest project by Fallmouth, UK’s Charlie Murphy (The Red Cords/Planet Jazz), a power pop/punk/rock’n roll-outfit described as “Elvis Costello on speed” and “Vivacious Power Pop with Chuck Berry swagger”! Now if that doesn’t sound compelling I dunno what does..

The bundle includes the groups 2nd EP “A Litttle Reaction” on an X-Ray  Cassette + a Lathe Cut, Square 5″ Vinyl Single featuring “You Did It” backed with the bonus track “Play It Yourself” on the flipside.

Spin “You Did It” underneath, get your blood pumpin and click that “Buy Now”-button ASAP!


As usual it’s an extremely limited number of bundles pressed, and strictly 1 pr household.

NOTE! This is a pre-order, releasing October 21st

The Details

Includes 5" square vinyl, awesome x-ray cassette EP and download. Edition of just 30 worldwide. Murph & The Gazorpos are likely the UK’s finest purveyors of power pop right now. There’s a cartoon like energy and enthusiasm to them that has their tunes bursting at the seams. When you listen to the EP it’s almost like the songs are trying to escape their analogue confines. Imagine Elvis Costello on speed and you’re starting to get there. The brilliantly executed art is a lino cut stamp by Dan Russell from The Hipshakes and the record was mastered by Dan E Brown (Kim Gordon, Tomorrows Tulips). Vinyl includes bonus track 'Play It Yourself' on the b-side. As you know, our releases sell out pretty quick and are limited to one copy per household.

Price $13.5

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