If you don’t know, I am pretty damn proud of living in Denver. One of the many reasons why is Red Rocks. If you’ve never been to a show there, put it on your bucket list. It truly is an unbelievable venue. If you don’t believe me, then just look at all the artists whose live sets are taken from Red Rocks. I love seeing show there and knowing that the artists are truly excited just to be on the stage. I had a buddy who hung out with G Love backstage before he played and he kept talking about how he hadn’t been nervous for a show in like 10 years, but was sweating bullets about that show. It’s cool stuff.

All this to say, I see Mumford put out a box set from Red Rocks and you bet your ass this will be a featured post. Yeah it’s expensive as hell & Mumford has attracted a heavy crowd of bro brahs, but this is a legit release. I know from my instagram feed when they came, that many of my friends acclaimed this as the best show they’d ever seen. Anyways, you know what to do, which in this case is probably grab this and make your loved one crazy happy this christmas season.


Includes the Red Rocks DVD, The Road To Red Rocks audio vinyl (including MP3 download),Babel (Deluxe Edition), and a 96-page book with photos and written commentary from the band and crew as well as journalists who have accompanied them on the road.

Price – $87.50

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