Bringing the heat as always. Mudhoney has skated that line right along the outside of other grunge success bands like Pearl Jam and Dinosaur Jr. They continue to make great grunge music. 25 years deep as a band now, that’s a helluva long time. Take a listen and see what the boys are up to.

On another note, how badass does that vinyl look? Answer: very.

The Details

25 years in, Vanishing Point decisively affirms that, even in an age where only the newest of the new can survive (and even then, only for a few weeks at best), Mudhoney still have plenty to say and more to offer. These are songs written from the rare vantage point of a band who went through the rock ‘n’ roll meat-grinder and not only lived to tell such a tale, they came out full of the wisdom and dark humor such a journey provides. Vanishing Point is filled with dread, psychoanalysis and Nuggets-on-fire riffs; the sort of real, uninhibited rock music that is harder and harder to locate these days. With Vanishing Point, Mudhoney makes it easy.

Vinyl LP pre-orders will get the limited, Loser Edition of Vanishing Point on “Clear Smoke”-colored vinyl. And such is the nature with limited-edition things, they are limited to first come, first served, so order now!

If you pre-order Vanishing Point, your order will not ship until April 2nd. This applies to everything in your order – none of it will ship until April 2nd. So, if you’d like to order more than just this Mudhoney CD/LP, it would be good to place separate orders. Thanks!

Price $14

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