7″ subscription series are one of my favorite things on Earth. It fulfills my dual need for new records and receiving mail.

In the past Muddy Roots Records has made vinyl club subscriptions available that covered their next 3 releases, and they were always pressed on a vinyl club exclusive color(You missed out on the variant of the Wanda Jackson/The Head Cat split, but you can still get the regular version!). For this year they have decided to allow sign ups for a full years worth of their 7″ releases. Each one will be numbered and limited to just 100 copies.

At $80 for the whole shebang that makes each individual record a sexy $6.66. If you look closely at the picture that green record in the top row is Muddy Roots RSD release which is a Sonics/Mudhoney split. Holy shit, right?

The Details

Reserve 1 of the first 100 copies of every 7" record we press in 2014. We will press 12 releases in total.

We will number the first 100 records out of each 7" release for authenticity. Not only do you not have to worry about records selling out you get the freshest of the batch! Save money & time by purchasing them all at once. We will ship them as they come off the press. No specific dates so they will be nice little surprises in your mailbox throughout the year. You can count on occasional bonus goodies as well.

The 12" records we release in 2014 are not included in the 7" vinyl club package.

Please email us with your address if you move in 2014.

Price $80

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