After I’ve ingested that 15th video of some schmuck getting tazed at the local Wal-Mart on this Blackest of Fridays, the holiday spirit somehow escapes me.  If there was anything that could bring the smile back on my face, though, it’d be a limited 7” like this one. has taken the big leap from vinyl blog to vinyl blog/record producer, and they’ve teamed up with Pug Face Records to deliver some tie-dyed love from Tennessee punk duo Mouth Reader.

Check out the tracks below and get the hell on this one before they be gone.  White vinyl on side A and a random color on side B?  Ooooh, the possibilities.  Plus, each sleeve is individually hand-painted in psychedelic tie-dye artwork.  Guys, if that ain’t dedication to the craft, I don’t know what is.  The package comes with the regular edition of the 7” as well, so you have a play copy to bruise up without feeling guilty.  Brilliant,

The Details

Murfreesboro-Nashville punk duo Mouth Reader has been crankin' out the tracks lately, but they're not running out of ideas. This new four-song EP is a blast of fuzzy garage sunshine and a guaranteed cure for the autumnal bummer of the sun setting at 5 p.m.

The record is coming out on standard black vinyl and then we will have the dailyvinyl edition that is limited to only 60 copies! The Daily Vinyl edition is white on the A-side and a random color on the B-side. If that wasn't enough we had these trippy hand painted fabric sleeves special made for each copy!

Price $12

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