RIYL: 10000 Russos / Throw Down Bones / Dreamtime / Pseudo Mind Hive

Label: Salty Dog Records

One of last year’s most jawdropping debut-albums is getting a repress!

Surfing the riptides of the seven seas of kraut, this ripper is a psychedelic epos fueled by droned out grooves and spaced effects. Simply close your eyes and let the currents guide you through a trip you’ll never want to end, one that goes deeper with every spin. Take my word, this album is a freakin fantastic ride!

Melbourne’s Mote released their debut about a year ago, and after gaining a lot of reputation in the community the initial 150 copies sold out and left many late bloomers and fence denizens in tears. When psycheads and krautlovers pinned down their best of 2019-lists, onions once more hit the eyes of the left behind as it was a common agreement in the quality of this album, resulting in A LOT of top 3 spots around the globe!

Lucky for all, Melb’s own Salty Dog Records is giving it the treatment it deserves, and has pressed up 2 delicious variants available for the enlightened ones. Be quick though, only 100 of each variant available, and DEMAND.IS.HIGH!

PS! Rumours say that some other interesting pressings of previous Salty Dog releases might appear as well, so be sure to tune in to secure some very limited, sexy slabs..


The Details


MOTE - SAMALAS "Samalas Splatter"

Limited edition transparent purple with yellow splatter, strictly limited to 100 units!

MOTE - SAMALAS "Flying Nimbus Edition"

Limited edition transparent purple with a white blob with yellow splatter, strictly limited to 100 units!

Price $27

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