I can’t even explain to you how excited I am for this. Well I guess I can, I personally bought 2 copies before even posting just to make sure I got one. This will sell out hella fast & from what I’ve listened to thus far. it’s one of the best from Monster Rally to date.

Only 100 sold online, and now because of me 98. Get one or be sad. Every other Monster Rally LP to date has sold out.


The Details

We’re pleased to bring you the next limited edition vinyl release in the Gold Robot catalog.¬† Monster Rally & RUMTUM’s Coasting will be released on December 4th as a limited edition 12″ featuring music on one side and fully etched artwork on the other.¬† You can see pictures of the etching¬†here.¬† The pressing is limited to 250 copies, only 100 of which will be sold online (each artist gets 50 copies, while 50 will be distributed to physical outlets).

Price – $14

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