NOTE: This ‘might’ be limited. The last documentary release for ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’ was never labeled as ‘limited’ but now this one is a pain to come by, not to mention expensive. So, heads up!

On from the quickly sold out 10″ comes the full length soundtrack for ‘Les Revenants’! Mogwai is solid when it comes to creating soundtracks, as the documentary ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’ confirmed. Although this process proved to be a completely new realm for the band.

An excerpt, courtesy of Sub Pop, spells this out:

“The band was approached on the basis of their phenomenal work for the Douglas Gordon documentary Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. Much like on that Zidane soundtrack, the group have turned away again from their recognized path towards the fascinating new; their familiar layers on layers of textural guitar have been stripped away, allowing isolated piano and keys to wander with grip-like tension through the fourteen tracks. There’s something intangibly Mogwai here still, but it’s been refracted through a fresh prism.“The whole process was completely new for us,” says Braithwaite in explaining this departure. “The remit given to us was very vague – which was ideal – but we were still working to instruction for the first time, which offered a new kind of limitation. As it was a TV series soundtrack too, there was more than four times the amount of screen time for us to put music to, had to be created in a short period of time.” That condensed nature of writing and recording is what gives the Les Revenants soundtrack its sense of immediacy. Much more has been made of repetition and looped motifs, used to enhance the both the anxiety of what’s unfolding on the screen, and also as a device for the group to experiment with refined dynamics in a new way.”

The 10″ taste of this record SOLD OUT fast! I spoke with Sub Pop earlier today and was informed that this album WILL NOT see a pressing via the US label (only a digital release). Instead, it will be pressed exclusively through the band’s own Rock Action Records. Pressing information is unknown, but Rock Action Records is infamous for ‘not telling’. After all, they are a fairly small project.

The Details

Following on from the sold out limited edition 10" EP released in January the Les Revenants Soundtrack is the full release of 14 brand new recordings by Mogwai taken from the critically acclaimed Canal+ series.
The album is released via our Rock Action Records label and will be available on the following formats CD, heavy pressed LP (with download code) on February 25th. For those in North America the Les Revenants Soundtrack will be available through Sub Pop Records.

Price $20

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