So, this is where it all started! Nick Allbrook (vocals), Shiny Joe Ryan (guitar), Steve Summerlin (bass), Richard Ingham (synths) and Kevin Parker (drums) were once Mink Mussel Creek, all later members of Tame Impala and/or Pond..  and there’s no doubt about it once you start spining this album.   Jawdropping good stuff, originally released as a USB wristband only(!?).

For the first time on vinyl, releasing on scarce 500 copies on September 22nd via Spinning Top Music, this is guaranteed to become a highly sought after collectors item in absolutely no time!  Now, it’s gonna cost you quite a few bucks if you’re not living in Australia, but rest assured that it will cost you a helluva lot more if you don’t jump on it straight away..


Spot any familiar freaks?



The Details

A long long time ago something pretty good happened. A bevy of buddies decided to start making music with their hands, mouths and brains. They’d practice anywhere they could – one of their attics, their old school, behind the granny flat, anywhere they could play songs, write riffs and become masters of their instruments.

Not much time had to pass before they got really good at it, so they decided to give themselves a name and start playing some shows. And then a few more shows, and then a crapload of shows. In fact, 2007 saw Mink Mussel Creek play over 100 shows, even smashing through 10 in one week.

During this time, members had come and gone, but the end result was a ripper one with Nick Allbrook on vocals, Shiny Joe Ryan on guitar, Steve Summerlin on bass, Richard Ingham on synths and Kevin Parker on drums.

Roll on to 2008 where the guys start to lay down some of these tracks, with the help of a government grant. But it was not to be. After a protracted recording process, the songs were tracked in their entirety but due to a professional disagreement, the songs were withheld from the band. Vain attempts were made to secure the recordings with only the live tracks recorded to tape being recovered some time in 2009.

The damage was done. The turmoil this situation created along with divergent career paths and stagnation spelled an indefinite end to Mink Mussel Creek some time in 2008-9. In the process, Pond was born, Tame Impala began to be in hot demand around the world and Mink set up camp in the back of the cupboard.

Despite all the grim forebodings, drama and obstacles faced, the band and people close to it never gave up hope that the album would one day see the light of day and those songs would finally have full justice granted to them.

That day did indeed come.

Over the course of two weeks in January 2011 the band set up in the Norfolk Basement Fremantle and re-recorded every single note of that album entirely on their own – and did it better than before. Released on USB wristband, Mink Mussel Manticore was 7 tracks of radness, launched over two sold out nights at Norfolk to welcoming ears and eyes.

Fast forward to present day where a reunion gig may not be on the cards, but a re-release of Mink Mussel Manticore, this time digitally and long awaited vinyl, definitely is.

Price $28

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