Here at SlyVinyl we try to give you fine readers a plethora of choices. With this post comes an ‘art/indie rock, post-hardcore’ band! Originally conceived as a side-project these guys have excelled to prove as an exceptional live show and have a following that is definitely die-hard on their releases. I’ve seen variants of this release going for some premium dollar; and this is definitely the nicest looking copy to date. First, I must apologize as work kept me away from originally posting about this one. It released about a week ago and the Moon (Blue/Purple) variant sold out in just a few days (luckily a few copies were reposted!). The Sun (Red/Yellow) has been running really low, but is still available! They’re a riot to see live and if they don’t catch you at first, keep listening! It will definitely grow on you!! Produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate) this album is certainly a solid listen!!!

The Details

Moon Split on 150g Blue / Purple vinyl

Sun Split on 150g Red / Yellow vinyl

Produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate)

Price $15

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