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The new princes of beautiful sounding self-deprecation and lyrical magicians McCafferty are currently putting up their new album “Yarn” for pre-order! I really fell in love with these guys on first listen of the song Bottom on their first album “Beachboy”. The way that they are able to do the chorus-like refrains and the honesty and heart they pour into any song will take you on a rollercoaster of different thoughts and the lyrics are both specific and vague enough to fit into whatever you think they may be. Check out their first released single “Loser” below and make sure to get on this.

The Details

Yarn, McCafferty's sophomore album, will come out on Triple Crown Records on March 23rd.

“One of the definitions of ‘yarn’ is a long, rambling story that is incoherent and just sort of goes on,” Hartkop explains. “I think that really defines McCafferty. No matter how many times we tried to put it down, it’s come back up. The band wasn’t done with us. It was calling us back for a reason.”

Pre-Order Options + Guitar Giveaway
- Yarn on Vinyl and CD
- Yarn Tee
- Limited Edition Slip Mat (Lim. to 100)
- Signed Limited Autographed 12x18 Poster (Lim. to 150)
- Fans who pre-order Yarn within the first 48 hours of sale will be entered to randomly win the Fender Telecaster that Nick wrote and tracked the album on, which has been signed by all members of the band!

Additional Information
- All items will ship week of 3/23
- Digital downloads will be sent to customers on 3/23
- Instant Download of "Loser" will be sent with any pre-order
- All vinyl comes with digital download

Don't miss McCafferty on tour with Moose Blood and Lydia this spring across North America!

Tee is printed on a black, Gildan heavy cotton 100% pre-shrunk cotton crewneck t-shirt.

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Pressing Information
First Press:
300 - Gold with Red Splatter (Pre-Order Exclusive)
500 - Red/Gold/Purple Tri-Color (Wax Bodega / Tour Exclusive)
1500 - Red (Online and Tour Variant)

Track Listing:
1. Loser
2. Paper, Pencil, Copyright
3. Yarn
4. Strain
5. Sauerkraut
6. Scotland
7. Mary Z
8. Windmill
9. It’s A
10. Westboro Sadness
11. Prolly

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Price $16

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