RIYL: Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Alex Chilton

Label: Soul Step Records

You may remember New York singer-songwriter Matt Duncan from his previous 7″ on Soul Step Records last year, a unique take on The Foo Fighters’ go-to anthem Everlong.  Duncan and his band are up to bat again for a 4-track EP, his fourth release with Soul Step.  His knack for channeling late 70s power pop is remarkable.  I can picture these guys opening for Nick Gilder in ’79 in some spotty dive upstate or hanging out with Nick Lowe and the mates down at Stiff Records’ headquarters.  If you’re searching for a hook, you found it.

Check out all 4 head-nodders below, and if you’re enjoying this so much that you wanna throw some money at it, check out Soul Step Records’ other release that dropped today and throw that in your cart too.  Saving on shipping is always a good move.

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Limited to 100 CHERRY BOMB RED Vinyl
We pack 4 tracks on this new EP!

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Price $9

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