RIYL: Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Alex Chilton

Label: Soul Step Records

You may remember New York singer-songwriter Matt Duncan from his previous 7″ on Soul Step Records last year, a unique take on The Foo Fighters’ go-to anthem Everlong.¬† Duncan¬†and his band are up to bat again for a 4-track EP, his fourth release with Soul Step.¬† His knack for channeling late 70s power pop is remarkable.¬† I can picture these guys opening for Nick Gilder in ’79 in some spotty dive upstate or hanging out with Nick Lowe and the mates down at Stiff Records’ headquarters.¬† If you’re searching for a hook, you found it.

Check out all 4 head-nodders below, and if you’re enjoying this so much that you wanna throw some money¬†at it, check out Soul Step Records’ other release that dropped today and¬†throw that in your cart too.¬† Saving on shipping is always a good move.

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Limited to 100 CHERRY BOMB RED Vinyl
We pack 4 tracks on this new EP!

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Price $9

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